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Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Just north of Binz, a small resort town at the sea, the island narrows because of the dimensions of Jasmund Bay.

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Here, there used to be a long, isolated beach adjacent to a forest, which covered the area between the bay and the beach. Nowadays, if you take a drive through the forest in order to find the beach, you will be surprised. Out of nowhere the forest darkens and a huge concrete wall arises and blocks your view as far as you can see.

Based on Adolf Hitler's idea, this sea resort building was built from May until the construction stopped at the beginning of the Second World War in The architect was Clemens Klotz. After the 2nd World War, Russian and East German troops were stationed in the remains of this building and practiced tank maneuvers in the woods.

But also the time of the Cold War went by and the troops moved out and left an empty building. Currently this building is part ruin and part money pit for the adjacent counties.

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A small youth hostel and a little, unimpressive museum about Nazi Prora are the only proof of life and occupy about 3 percent of the space of the original construction. Prora can be seen as a monument now, a monument which demonstrates the definitions of National Socialist architecture, its unique characteristics and contradictions. It embodies the ideology of Nazi Germany from in various themes. In order to be more specific, it is essential to briefly observe Nazi architecture in its historical context, followed by a critical observation of the site of the Prora sea resort.

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The industrialization and standardization of work processes led to the development of an increasing division between working and private life, which led to different spheres of identity as the 'newly acquired' free time was organized. Free time thus becomes a productive component of an increasingly achievement-oriented society, which Utamura reveals as a complex ideological construction, closely linked to the labour economy. In the conflicting relations of acceleration and deceleration she makes a consumer-oriented connection between aspects of idleness and activity and the current organization of leisure, which is defined as event culture through its fleeting and transient nature.

Utamura's art objects stand their ground as a permanent contemporary archive, keeping historical events in the form of recycled memory and revealing clearly the way in which the historical framework changes our ideas of leisure.

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In the context of the current reality of work and the economic climate, the artist reflects on leisure as a modern utopia that is impossible without a regulated, fixed structure. Skip to content Free download.

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. The construction was part of a programme introduced by Hitler, called Kraft durch Freude - meaning 'strength through joy. It was planned to be the biggest holiday camp in the world, occupying over three miles of beach front, and the aim was to provide a bucket-and-spade resort for 20, families from Hitler's 'master race'. There were eight identical buildings erected, offering entertainment, catered meals and organised fun based around Nazi propaganda, and it even won an award in for its Bauhaus design.

Nearly three miles of beachfront concrete buildings fell under communist East German control after the war and some were converted into Cold War barracks. Now they are set to receive their first holiday-makers, complete with a spa resort and trendy restaurants. Some, however, feel the buildings may never live down their Nazi past. Historian Katja Lucke - who runs a museum on the island - said: 'This is a place where 20, people were to be groomed to work and wage war.

With the onset of war, the intended holiday haven held an entirely different function. Nazis used the buildings to house workers and to provide accommodation to refugees. Over time the giant resort fell into disrepair, and was only saved from demolition by being given landmark status.

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Spokesman Manfred Hartwig, said: 'The past is the past. Prora may have been built by the Nazis , but it was never used by them or their soldiers. Now the place is so lovely, visitors want to get back to nature and enjoy its beauty.