Guide Maverick Mark: The Untamed First Gospel

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Editorial Reviews. Review. In Maverick Mark, the reader encounters not only a tightly focused but a downright urgent guide through the shortest Gospel text.
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Laddas ned direkt. Somewhere along the way, says Bonnie Thurston, the wild unlikelihood of the Christian message has been reined in and made to fit more conventional categories of thought. That it is good and moral to be Christian we understand.

Maverick Mark: The Untamed First Gospel

That it is feral and almost uncontrollably countercultural is something that has been largely forgotten or suppressed. This taming has been especially effective in the case of the first gospel. In Maverick Mark, Thurston sets out to rediscover the radicalism of Mark's original message. Thurston focuses on Mark's conception of discipleship, economic justice, and personal lifestyle.


She demonstrates that this gospel raises fundamental questions about some common contemporary Christian assumptions. This is an accessible introduction to Mark, ideal for interested adult readers of all kinds, which incorporates the most reliable and up-to-date Scripture scholarship. She is the author of many books of scripture and theology, including The Spiritual Landscape of Mark and Philippians in the Sacra Pagina series.

Her poetry appears frequently in religious periodicals and among her published collections is Belonging to Borders: A Sojourn in the Celtic Tradition.

Maverick Mark: The Untamed First Gospel

Passar bra ihop. Recensioner i media. Bloggat om Maverick Mark. As has become customary for me in Advent, I was resident in a Trappistine monastery, so did not know until the following day that on Friday the 14th someone went berserk, entered a grammar school for children 5 to 10 years old in Connecticut and killed 27 children and teachers.

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Full stop. The birth of Jesus was followed by the slaughter of innocents. Matt This year it was also preceded in this way. Matt , quoting Jer. That sword pierced her heart. Still, one goes numb at such an atrocity, can hardly take it in. Still, darkness can be very dark.

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But I was afraid to ask fully and deeply, felt too fragile, and at the same time knew in some mysterious way I was already doing so. People in the U. But that will be a band-aid on the corporate jugular. So long as we are a violent people who promote a culture of violence and death, these outbreaks of Evil will occur. I could hear the demons chittering and dancing and wondered if those terrible dreams in the wee hours of the morning were connected in some way to what that poor boy in Connecticut was obviously at the time planning to do.

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Once Evil of that magnitude is set in motion, its ripples are devilishly widespread and unpredictable. The locus of the problem is not elsewhere. I have no right to point fingers or assign blame. It is within me.

Murder begins with my own violent impulses, my own darkness, my own woundedness against which I strike out. Matthew Ecce homo!